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Motivation for beginners

Flipping through my gallery, I saw some motivation tweets have screenshot then decided to share it as a motivation for beginners thinking of joining tech or just pick tech career. These tweets inspire me a lot to do more in coding and never give up on my dream. Above are few of the motivation tweet
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What is Computer Programming?

I’m not the government. And I want more coders. Yeah. I want better doctors, nurses, lawyers and things too. But personally I want more coders. I just want everyone to have a basic understanding of how their computers work. Learning to code is important. It’s important to know how the technology around you works. Which
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Why Should I Join Tech?

Have you been considering which career to pick up at the early of life or a career change ? Nobody likes working a dead-end job with no chances for promotion or advancement but it may not be your boss’s fault. Some industries, like manufacturing, have been stagnating in recent years as emerging markets generate more
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