No gender discrimination! Females code too

Not quite long, A lady saw my status upload and she asked me maybe she can write codes too? As a web developer, I encouraged her and made her realized that she can write codes and also can become a good programmer too. After few discussion with her, I decided to have a write up on this and it can also inspire other females to join tech both young and old. Are you creative and smart female ? are you thinking of joining tech industry? The field welcomes females to join because the ratio female developers are few and there are a lot of benefits as a female developers. Just to motivate you to join tech and grow passion for coding, take a look at few females doing great in tech industry and you can also follow them:

There are also communities to join to get the latest updates in tech and know about meet up or events

Becoming role models for others: This is one of the reason why females join tech. Women who succeed in technology or pursue careers in the male-dominated field are inspiring role models for other girls.

When girls see other women embarking on successful careers in technology, or becoming tech entrepreneurs, it offers them hope that they can succeed as well.

It can be a personally rewarding experience to motivate and inspire others to follow a similar path as you.

Do something different from other ladies by picking tech career. Reach out to us @jointechng on twitter or click on this. We got you covered.


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